TieTheKnot | KnottedTie

“I want to learn what you want, I want to make what you want happen and I want to make what happens perfect - so that you never have to worry about a single thing.”

EduardaCosta | EventCoordinator

In the first months of my career, I was fortunate enough to coordinate one of my most challenging events to date. That experience set the tone for what I do today – it’s what helped to shape the ideas and values behind TieTheKnot | KnottedTie. Of course, so much has happened since then, but when you’re choosing your event planner, it helps to know where they’ve come from so that you know where they’ll be taking you!

I thought I’d share this story to help you understand what drives this company and ultimately, what makes us the right choice for you.

I said that I was fortunate and I really was.

First, I was new at this, and by some twist of fate, I was being thrown into the middle of a VIP, four hundred plus person social event, right from the get-go. As you probably know, there is nothing in this world like the adrenaline you get when you know it’s your time to either sink or swim.

Second, my client was particular in EVERY SINGLE way – she knew what she wanted…and she wanted it yesterday. I had to deliver, and I learned to do it fast.

And third, by the end of the event, I learned everything I ever needed to know about whether I really wanted this. And what I learned was that I was head over heels in love with planning events.

I was tremendously excited - utterly terrified - and 100% ready to blow them away.

At that time, I worked for the venue that was hosting the event. I met my client just after she had booked with us and I immediately discovered that she was a straight to the point, exacting, no-nonsense sort of woman. No sooner had she spotted me then she came towards me - very purposefully - and issued her first challenge.

No greeting, no smile.

“So…what are you doing here?”

Easy question, right? With a big smile, I replied,

“I’m your event planner.”

Indifferently, she retorted,

“Yes. I understand that. But what exactly will you be doing here?”

Silent for a moment, I contemplated her question.

And suddenly I understood. She wasn’t really asking me what I was doing here. She made it clear that she was well aware of that. What she wanted to know was what was I going to do for her.

I thought for a moment. Should I give her a normal answer?

“I’ll be working with you to manage your budget, source your vendors, coordinate the day of the event…”

But while yes, I would be doing those things, that’s not really what she was asking me, was it!

She continued to stare and (impatiently!) wait for a response. In a big way, I felt that I needed to give her exactly the right answer! So how could I get across what my inspiration was? What was I going to bring to the table? And how could I sum that up in three sentences or less?!

So here’s what I said.

“I’m going to learn all about you and your ideas, and everything that you want for this event. I’m going to understand you, make your event happen and make your event perfect. And I’m going to make sure that at the end of every day from now until then – and maybe even after that, that you will not have to worry about one single thing related to this event. Period.”

I would be lying if I said I didn’t breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when my client finally smiled and said,

“Great. Perfect. Then let’s get started.”

From that day onward, I took my answer as my own personal mission statement.

Every time I plan an event, this is what I promise:

I want to learn what you want, I want to make what you want happen and I want to make what happens perfect - so that you never have to worry about a single thing.

And that’s what I promise to do for each and every one of you. Period.

So let’s get started!