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Our full compliment of corporate event planning services includes::

Holiday Functions | Team Building | Seminars, Conferences or Training

Conventions | Galas | Fundraisers | Trade Shows

Award Presentation & Employee Appreciation Events

Golf and Sporting Tournaments

Product Launches | Sales Meetings | Corporate Lunches | Executive Retreats

The Corporate Architect Package


We know you demand professionalism and we guarantee it. From your small gatherings to your large affairs, we’ll provide you with smart, effective solutions for a successful and memorable event.

Why Choose Us?

  • Don’t have an “in house” event planner? No problem - we’re there when you need us.
  • Efficient turnaround times. Our relationships with our vendors allow us to produce just the right thing for you under strict deadlines.
  • We develop and deliver your strategic vision and follow up with your clients to ensure your goals for the event were met.
  • Automatic enrollment in our loyalty program. As an Elite Club client, the more often you book with us, the better your rate.

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The Corporate Architect Package Can Include:

  • Identification of your goals and objectives for the event and guidance towards meeting those ends
  • No restrictions on hours of consulting services
  • Coordination of logistical and operational elements of your event including deliveries, audio-visual equipment, guest arrivals, security, parking etc.
  • Design & creation of a timeline for planning your event and execution of your timeline
  • Direction on etiquette particularly in circumstances involving dignitaries, VIPs etc.
  • Preparation and organization of your guest list
  • Budget planning and management
  • Theme and decor development and coordination
  • Careful attention to your food and beverage requirements
  • Sourcing vendors for your specific needs
  • Review of vendor contracts
  • Follow up with vendors and vendor confirmations
  • Organization of your registration area
  • Detailed blueprint of the day of the event distributed to all key players and vendors
  • Settlement of any outstanding vendor payments & gratuities
  • Supervision of set up, complete coordination and direction on event day

Also included is The Corporate Architect Package Portfolio, which is prepared and updated by your Event Designer and includes a summarized overview of the following:

  • Guest List
  • Event Planning Timeline outlining all deadlines
  • Vendor List and all critical Contact Information
  • Up to date Budget Snapshot
  • Event Day Blueprint provided for all key players on the day of the event

The Corporate Architect Package Pricing:

Each event is unique! Please contact us for your personalized pricing.

Depending on the size and complexity of your event, your cost will be calculated on either a flat fee or percentage of your budget. We’d love to meet with you to explore what best suits your needs.